I Upped My Shelfie Game

I have been working on my shelfie wall for several months, actually since we moved into the house. This is the longest wall in the house, the dining room wall. I’m so excited about it! I’m not completely done, but close enough to take a selfie of my shelfie.

A panorama of my dining room wall. Please excuse the wobbly lines.

My husband and I toured some model homes in the Landsdale neighborhood in Ijamsville, Maryland in the Fall. I love to see the latest design and decorating trends that are being incorporated into new home construction.

I loved this dining room wall! I wanted to use it as inspiration for a future dining room. We hadn’t found this house yet, but I knew I wanted to do something similar if I ever got the chance.

I also love the ceiling treatment! I have future ideas for the light fixture above our kitchen island.

The model home was much more Farmhouse Modern than Mid-Century Modern, but it’s the idea that stuck with me.

I found these shelves in a teak finish on Amazon. I bought three packs, and used five of them. The last one will probably go in my bedroom and will hold photos.

I tried to line them up in rows like my inspiration shelves, but they were not cut uniformly, so it didn’t work. So, I staggered them, and I like them even more. I have added things to the spaces in-between the shelves as well as on the shelves.

I have items collected from our travels, artwork by loved ones and friends, my own handiwork, and some treasures that I just love for no reason. I’m loving the way I can rearrange and swap out my treasures whenever I want. I love the versatility. Here are some close-ups:

This is the macrame feather hanging that was originally over the fireplace. I love the way it looks here on my art wall. It adds a different texture to the collection.

The carved elephants from India are from a dear departed friend. Ceramic sculpture from our daughter-in-law.

Quirky vase I found on Amazon. Had to have it!

The little frog is something I made in my fifth grade art class almost 50 years ago! His name is Pierre. 🙂

Several small pieces fit perfectly on the rail that lines the top of the paneling. It sits perfectly at the top of the buffet.

This is an original watercolor we commissioned from a local artist and gave to my husband for Father’s Day a few years ago. This is our best boi ever, a Boxer named Tag.

And finally, these are two giraffes that hubby brought back from a mission trip to Africa. They are hand-carved and we absolutely love them. They have never really had the perfect home until now.

Some things take time and are so worth it. I still have two blank spaces, but I’m not in a hurry. I might even reconsider, as there is a value in negative space. I don’t want it to be too cluttered.

But, I’m super happy that an inspiration from a model home turned out to be my treasure wall!

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