How to Make Simple Dresser Scarves

I am in the process of redecorating from colors that I’ve used for many years to an entirely different color scheme. It can be costly to change out everything at once, so I’ve chosen a gradual changing out of items I’ve had for years. Dresser scarves are on the menu this time.

Dresser scarves are so nice to have, not only to protect the wood, but to add color and pinache to your decor. I’ve used off white cutwork embroidered dresser scarves for the last 20+ years. They were beautiful but they are quite worn. They also don’t fit my new decor.

I had two long pieces of aqua/teal geometric fabric left over from a slipcover project I did. Both pieces were long and narrow, perfect for dresser scarves.

Budget Fabric Tips for Dresser Scarves

When you are making any pieces which require a lining, like dresser scarves, or pillows, the fabric for the lining doesn’t have to be decorator fabric. This is when sheets come in handy.

I save sheets that I no longer use, especially if they are neutral colors. They come in handy for all kinds of uses. They can be used as patterns pieces, or for trial and error when you want to experiment with something new.

I purchased these quality sheets for $2.00 at a thrift store. They were in good shape and they are perfect for a lot of projects. They made a great lining for my dressser scarves.

To buy this much yardage of a quality cotton fabric would cost much more…probably about $40, especially fabric that is 90 inches wide or wider.

The sheets are off-white and have a faint stripe, which made it easy to cut and sew. The geometric design of the decorator fabric also made for easy cutting and sewing.

I sewed both sides of the lengths of fabric and lining, then turned them right side out, pressing the side seams.

Then I turned the ends together, pressed and pinned the trim to the tops of the ends.

The trim was salvaged from an old pair of curtains I got at the same thrift store. They added a whimsical touch.

This was a very easy project and I’m super happy with the pop of color and decor. I made one for my dresser and one for my husband’s dresser. Here is the finished product:

Dresser Scarves Add Big Pops of Color and Decor

Other ideas for sheeting fabric:

Backs of pillows

Backing for embroidery projects

Strips for rag rugs, or braided rugs

Strips for cloth macrame (for hanging pots)

Lining for hand made clothing

Backing for quilting projects, or strips for quilting

Any project that you want to practice on a cheap piece of fabric

Cutting diagonal strips for welting or making your own bias tape…this takes a lot of fabric.

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